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Goodson Master Suite Renovation

May 27, 2014  •  3 Comments

Master Suite Renovation

I'm so excited to share this with you, our first major project is finally complete!  From floor to ceiling, every square inch of this space was given a major face lift.  When we first walked through the house two years ago, (wow I can't believe it's been that long) I took these snap shots so I could remember what it looked like.  What I saw was hidden potential.  Details like the tray ceiling and crown molding and a floor plan that I could work with.  My favorite part about this room is that it's on the second floor and opens out to a large private deck which overlooks the backyard, pool, and lake.  The sunrises in the morning are spectacular!!  You can see the dated decor in the bathroom but what you can't see is the condition.  The walls and ceiling had to get a full bleaching before I could prime and paint.

Here is the before from two years ago:

Did you notice that there was a fireplace in the room!?  You can't find that in Florida!!  

We waited nearly 10 months under contract before we got our keys.  So I had major plans all drawn out for every room already :P  About 30 min. into owning it, I was ripping up the carpet with my Dad and tearing out any evidence that brass ever existed.  My husband and I did this super easy DIY wainscotting or "picture frame molding" in the first couple weeks.  The grey paint is the product of too many color samples to count!  I finally decided on Valspar's Oatland's Subtle Taupe and ran it throughout the house.  I wanted a color that was clean, fresh, and just enough to highlight all the decorative woodwork. Shopping:  I splurge on major pieces like furniture and tile, the stuff that doesn't easily get changed.  I am a bargain hunter like no other when it comes to accessories.  If I find something that I JUST HAVE TO HAVE OR ELSE I'LL DIE, I'll buy it but that's super rare.  You'll generally find me spray painting an old piece of decor back to life and sewing my own curtains, pillows, and blankets.  I love warehouse sized thrift markets where I can hunt for treasure!  

Close up of the fireplace... I peeled the gold flourishes off and gave it a heavy 10 coats of semi gloss white paint to make it look as though it's built into the rest of the woodwork.  The penny tile is carrara marble, my favorite stone on the planet.  I simply spray painted the gold metal trim on the glass doors with "high heat spray paint".

This chair was a flee market bargain at $40.  I found discounted fabric at $20 for 3 yards!  The trick to finding a reupholstery project that isn't too overwhelming (for those of us that aren't advanced reupholstery-ers) is to look for pieces that have pop off sections, no sewing required.  A simple unscrew seat and back, stretch fabric, and staple.  Sand and spray paint the wood, replace the pieces, and boom, 20 min. project. This deck is our next project.  Anybody a garden bug that can help me put together some planters!?

The bathroom!!! GREEN NO MORE.  Ok, it wasn't JUST outdated, it wasn't functional.  There was no shower floor, or working bathtub so we had to run down the hall to use baby Domenic's bath for a year and a half.  We carried the marble through the whole suite in different tile shapes.  The whole bathroom was designed around a 3" hexagon tile which I found online and had shipped from California.  I used it on the shower floor and had so much extra that we carried it to the tub deck too.  A smaller version of the hex tile was used as the accent border tile in the shower. We carried the picture frame molding into the bathroom by using it on the tub front.  The chandelier over the tub was all my contractor's idea and I LOVE it!!!  The only things I kept in this room were the mirror and cabinets.  Although, both of those got a major update as well.  I sanded and painted the cabinets and my contractor framed in the mirror to make it look nice and chunky! I kept the existing cabinets because they were solid wood and already the perfect layout.  This is my makeup area.  I have space and drawers to hide all of my clutter!!!  The makeup bench was another flee market find.  An antique piano bench that just needed a new cushion and fabric top.  It is insanely comfy, don't skimp on the cushioning!  ;) I have a really hard time shopping for art.  The pieces that I like are generally out of my price range and I want something one of a kind.  I have had great luck recently on etsy finding original pieces.  I matte and frame them myself which saves me a bundle.  I like to go smaller with the art and bigger with the matte and framing.  Original water color: KLewisIllustration

Phew!  I can't believe we are finished with this space!  I'll post more updates as we work through the house so watch out for new posts on my facebook page!


Looks beautiful! You have such an eye. Your contractor is amazing as well being able to create your vision/drawings. I can't wait to see more
Harmony Lynn Photography
Thank you Jill!!
Jill B(non-registered)
This is beautiful Harmony! You really have a great eye for design.
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